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No. ZORB Home has been designed to be easy to set up for even the most non-technical user. Plug in the power cable. Plug the network cable into your home router. It’s as easy as that.

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No. ZORB Home is connected to the user’s home router. Zorb Home becomes a Wi-Fi access point. The user then connects any devices that they want protecting to ZORB’s WiFi. If for any reason they don’t want a device protected they can connect this to the router’s WiFi.

No. Our products give you full security visibility without breaching the user’s privacy. The user has access to exactly the same information that the IT department sees. Lets face it – there are much easier ways to spy on your users if that is what you want to do.

Whoever you want. We can send notifcations to your SOC, your ticketing system, individuals in IT and even the user. We can send these in whatever format you choose – email, proprietary format for you SIEM or ticketing system, Slack, Teams, Salesforce. We can send SMS messages, but these might be charged for depending on where they go to.

The main dashboard screens show – 1) the historical security status of the network for the past 30 days. 2) a list of alerts, with origin geo-located on a world map 3) a list of devices on the user’s network that are protected. The user has optional access to the dashboard. The IT admin sees exactly what the user sees, except the admin sees this across the entire device estate. Click here to see a demo of the portal dashboards.

Just because your users have a VPN, it doesn’t mean they use it. Even if they use it, how do you know the VPN sends all data over the VPN? Zorb Software will alert if it sees any data being sent outside of the VPN. In tests, even the most popular VPNs don’t sent all data down the VPN all the time. You’ve gone to the effort to implement VPNs, at least let us tell you when data bypasses them.

Zorb is not meant to replace VPN and anti-virus. Its designed to complement them. We use different techniques to anti-virus software for spotting malcious downloads from the web (phishing, ransomware, malware), and often alert when AV software doesn’t. No one product protects against everything. Its better to have several products that overlap.

Modern laptops should not see any performance impact. As a guide, ZORB usually sits well below anti-virus software on Window’s task manager. If you have concerns on performance for older laptops, either contact the ZORB team, or download the trial software and try it out.

Today, ZORB only works on Windows. If you require Linux or MacOS, let us know.

That’s a good thing. That means your network was not compomised. But be careful, this does not mean you don’t need ZORB. What if your network is compromised tomorrow? You’ll want ZORB to shield you.

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