ZORB Data Shield

manage the risk of malicious exfiltration of your sensitive business data, with real-time monitoring and analysis of remote user outgoing data

REALTIME risk profile of data exfiltration across your entire remote user estate

ALERT when data leaves a remote user’s device to an unknown or malicious destination

GEOLOCATE outgoing data destined to malicious endpoints

ZORB data shield gui showing alerts.


Data Shield currently works on Windows 10 & 11.
iOS and Android versions are in our roadmap. Let us know if you cannot wait.

60-day free trial

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    Why we ask for your email address:

    1) This email address is your username for your web-based dashboard. After registration, the URL and password will be sent to this email

    2) ZORB Data Shield is constantly evolving and we may want to notify you of new features

    Registration is optional. You can still download and install ZORB Data Shield but your visibility of data exfiltration risk will be reduced.